→Features of Screw Type Dry Vacuum Pump



No thermal expansion by cooling water inside screw


No Seizure between screws or between the casing and the screw


Low surface temperature of screw by cooling water


No coating damage by low screw temperature


No carbonization on discharge port





Reduce maintentance cost


No waste water


Regular ultimate pressure irrespective of circumstances


Anti-corrosion coating enhancement with PFA coating


Productivity enhancement by maintaing high vacuum


Low Ulti
mate Pressure
The single stage, slow rotational speed of 3600RPM at 60Hz is able to operate from atmospheric pressure to its ultimate pressure level of 1 X 10-2Torrs and continuous operation is possible
at any pressure level.

Unique Screw Rotor Design
Cool Temperature of screw rotors

Low Temperature of screw rotor
Low Temperature of screw rotor enable Long - Life - Coating,and is suitable for chemical gas process.

Oil & Water free operation
No oil water is needed inside the vacuum pump-no disposal cost, easy product revocory, environment friendly.

Clean operation
The design of mechanical seal prevent water or oil from contamination and insures clean oil and water in the process.

Corrosion resistant design
As secia anti-corrosion coating is applied to all parts that in contact with gas.

Durable mechanical design
A certain clearance in between the screws or between the screw and casing, which enables longer pump life, low wibration, low noise level.

Severe duty operation
Purges are required to clean sticky process materials or process gases, especially corrosi ve, toxic gases or sticky materials like resin, etc. from the internal pump surfaces.